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Flexi-Hex Air

Flexi-Hex® Air is a honeycomb packaging sleeve made from tissue-paper that is ideal for protecting beauty and cosmetic products.
  • Flexi-Hex cosmetics range is designed for the safe shipping of beauty products
  • Made entirely from FSC Certified paper
  • Plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Available in four lengths ranging from 10cm to 35cm in height
  • Stocked in three colours; Kraft, white and black
  • Adaptable to all shapes and sizes including bottles, pumps, sprayers, jars, tubes, compacts and more
  • An innovative design that delivers a gifting experience
  • Compact to store and lightweight for economical shipping
  • Boxes sold separately

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Core Features

Flexi-Hex Air, produced by and licensed to Seaman Paper, is a robust packaging sleeve made from an expandable, honeycomb tissue paper. The innovative hexagonal cell structure not only provides incredible strength to protect fragile products in transit, it also creates a sleeve that is extremely flexible. The sleeve can be used as both inner and outer packaging and is easily integrated into wider solutions that not only can be relied on, but will also be memorable for the consumer.

In its natural state the sleeve is compact, however when fitted around an object, the sleeve expands open and takes on the form of the product within. It’s packaging that looks delicate but is simultaneously strong and offers a single packaging solution that is suitable for body and beauty products of all shapes and sizes.

Flexi-Hex Air being used as inner packaging in a gift box
Flexi-Hex Air sleeves in three colours and sizes

Companies using Flexi-Hex have seen reduced breakage rates to less than 1%. Great for you, even better for the planet.

In conversation with KANKAN

KanKan was set up by Mary and Eliza as a solution-led brand unwilling to compromise on quality products and a luxurious experience. They put soap in cans – making refills fun, convenient and plastic-free. KanKan use Flexi-Hex not only for its eco-credentials but also for its beautiful design.

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