Slide minimalist cardboard packaging Slide The pinch top bottle box comes in a variety of sizes Slide The pinch top bottle box provides aesthetically pleasing packaging for Champagne Slide The pinch top 3 bottle box is ideal for safely and protectively sending wine Slide A simple design for 100% recyclable bottle packaging Slide The bottom end of a single pinch top bottle box Slide There are multiple sizes of pinch top bottle packaging Slide a sustainable way of sending bottles for delivery Slide A stack of pinch top bottle sleeves in their compact form is far more space efficient than a huge roll of bubble wrap Slide Flexi-Hex packaging in a warehouse Slide Flexi-Hex can be branded. A Grolsch Lager pinch top box Slide Flexi-Hex is versatile and can accommodate almost every type of bottle size

Pinch Top

The most popular product in our range, the Pinch Top is an e-commerce solution for the safe transit of bottles and comes in sizes for one, two and three bottles.
  • Designed for secure shipping of bottles through the postal and courier system
  • The Pinch Top box is made from FSC Certified paper and the Flexi-Hex sleeve is made from over 85% recycled pulp
  • Plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Available in single, double and triple sizes for bottles up to a maximum of 320mm in height
  • A smart design ideal for e-commerce that improves the consumer unpacking experience
  • Reduces breakage rates through innovative engineering
  • Compact to store and lightweight for economical shipping
  • Can be customized with company branding
  • Tear strip for easy opening

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Core Features

The Flexi-Hex® Pinch Top packaging solution was designed primarily for e-commerce as a reliable way of delivering bottles through the post. Available in three sizes, it consists of two main components; the Flexi-Hex sleeve and a uniquely engineered, cardboard postal box.

Individual bottles are inserted into our honeycomb sleeve before being placed into a self-sealing cardboard box which suspends the bottle over an impact-resistant base. The pinch at the top of the box prevents further movement of the bottle within transit, therefore avoiding damage and breakages.

This is fuss-free packaging that securely delivers bottles directly to customers and is a superior alternative to plastic bubble or air-filled plastic. Its smart design, once described as a “work of art”, elevates the unboxing experience.

Flexi-Hex packaging a bottle of champagne
Pinch Top ecommerce bottle packaging

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Single-use plastic takes up to 1000 years to decompose. Flexi-Hex composts in 6 weeks. It's a simple choice.

In conversation with Seedlip

Seedlip serve delicious non-alcoholic spirits packed with flavour and class. At the forefront of innovation, they champion sustainable practices and use our Pinch Top packaging for all e-commerce orders.

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Seedlip branded Flexi-Hex packaging

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