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Bottle Box

Flexi-Hex® post-safe bottle box has a unique design that reliably secures six bottles within a cleverly engineered box that ensures maximum strength and sustainability.
  • Post-ready packaging solution for the safe shipping of 6 bottles through the courier and postal systems
  • Designed using minimal material and made from FSC Certified paper
  • Plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Quick and easy to assemble bottle box with no tape needed
  • Constructed with a glued, crash-lock base, sleeve layer pad and individual Flexi-Hex bottle sleeves
  • An aesthetic solution adding value to brand identity and improving the customer unpacking experience
  • Box can be customized with company branding

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Core Features

Flexi-Hex post-safe, premium bottle box has been designed for incredible strength while retaining first-class sustainability values. Its durability comes from specialist engineering including a glued crash-lock base which is reinforced with a sleeve layer pad that ensures the box is impact resistant. The box includes handles on either side to encourage safe handling.

Delivered flat-packed for compact storage, constructing the bottle box is quick and intuitive. Bottles are inserted into our renowned Flexi-Hex sleeves and placed into the box on top of the protective layer pad. The bottles are then kept in place by inserting folds found at the top the box between the respective, nearest row of bottles. This design stops movement and friction in transit and therefore prevents any damage or breakages. The box is then enclosed with a simple peal and seal element, eliminating the need for any tape in the construction of the case.

Plastic free bottle box
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Companies using Flexi-Hex have seen reduced breakage rates to less than 1%. Great for you, even better for the planet.

Sustainability Values

Implementing Flexi-Hex into your packaging system will displace a considerable amount of plastic waste and help your company reach environmental targets. Have a read of our own sustainability values.

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