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Our Vision

At Flexi-Hex ® , our goal is a clear one; to remove plastic from the packaging industry and raise awareness of the environmental threats currently facing our world. With around 17.6 billion pounds of plastic entering the ocean annually, our philosophy is focused around creating practical and innovative solutions that ultimately help reduce the amount of packaging waste ending up in marine environments.

Using a patented, honeycomb design made from paper, our sustainable packaging is strong, adaptable, and biodegradable. Resulting in an eco-friendly product that doesn’t compromise on quality and functionality.

Featured Product

6 Bottle Box

Our newly launched Bottle Box has been uniquely designed for maximum strength and sustainability. A premium solution for the safe shipping of six bottles through the postal and courier systems, this is sustainable packaging that can be relied on to deliver bottles beautifully and damage free.

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Flexi-Hex Bottle Box

Our mission is to reduce global plastic production within the packaging industry.

Why Flexi-Hex?

Our Partners

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Homeage to honeycomb
homage to honeycomb

What is Flexi-Hex?

We have created a robust and patented sleeve made from an expandable honeycomb material. Renowned for its strength, the hexagonal cell structure not only provides an incredible layer of protection around fragile products, it also creates an adaptable sleeve that has many applications.

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Meet the Team

We’re proud to have some fantastic people working at Flexi-Hex driving the business forward. We value work-life balance, getting outdoors, being active and of course, are passionate about protecting our environment. Find out more about who we are and how we got here.

Who Are We

Climate Positive

We whole-heartedly believe that you should reduce carbon emissions as much as possible before you choose to offset. However, where we can’t, we’ve partnered with the amazing team at Mossy Earth who are busy planting trees for us in Ireland.

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Mossy Earth Partnership

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